• ”Silver

    These fillings are silver in color and we restrict their use to molar teeth, having minimal or no impact on you or your child’s smile. We do understand that some people have concerns about the mercury contained in silver fillings. According to American Dental Association (ADA) mercury in silver filling is not poisonous. Silver fillings are safe to use, and the amount of mercury released from theses fillings is no cause for alarm.

  • ”Cleaning

    Cleaning is the procedure of removing plaque, stain and calculus build-up. This procedure is really important and will help to increase fluoride uptake.

  • ”Dental

    Dental exam is usually done every 6 months to examine the eruption of teeth, detect cavities, oral cancer screening, and check the status and the health of gum.

  • ”Digital

    In our dental offices we only take “digital X-Rays” to diagnose cavities, infections, and the position of teeth within the jaw. Digital X-Rays enable us to significantly bring down the radiation exposure.

  • ”Extraction”

    Extraction is the procedure of the complete removal of primary (baby) or permanent tooth.  Tooth might need extraction due to the extensive cavity or trauma to the tooth or infection (abscess).

    An extraction may be done in our office or we might refer patient to an oral surgeon.

  • ”Nerve

    Pulpotomy is the procedure of removing the unhealthy part of the nerve when the cavity spreads into the nerve. Silver or white (Resin) crown usually will be placed on that tooth to prevent the tooth from fracturing.

  • ”Nitrous

    Laughing gas is used for the children and adult with moderate to severe anxiety from the dental office. Laughing gas will help calm the patient down and this will help us to do the treatment needed in safe and calm environment. Laughing gas is composed of two medical gases of: nitrous and Oxygen .Patient will remain fully conscious and will be able to interact with our dental team.

  • ”Sealants”

    Sealants are protective coating made of clear plastic applied on the chewing site of permanent molars to prevent cavities. Permanent teeth are sometimes having tiny grooves and even though the child might brush carefully every day, it might be impossible to clean these tiny grooves so we will cover them with sealants to prevent any starting cavities.

  • ”Space

    We place space maintainer in the place of baby tooth that prematurely has been removed. The reason behind this procedure is to keep that space open for the eruption of the permanent tooth. We will check the spacer every six months and we will remove it as soon as the permanent tooth erupts into that space.

  • ”Stainless

    In the situation of large cavities where there is not enough tooth structure left after removing the cavities the best option is to place crown for that tooth. We use Silver (Stainless Steel) Crowns for baby molars and White (Resin) Crowns for the front teeth to maintain the beautiful smile of your child.

    Sometimes permanent teeth might need silver crown due to the fact that the bite have not been stabilize for the placement of Porcelain crown, in this case we will place the stainless steel crown.

  • ”Tooth

    We use white fillings in place of cavities to maintain or enhance the beautiful smile of your child. In case of deep cavities or any reason where we cannot use white fillings we will discuss the best option with you.

  • ”Topical

    We use preventative agent containing fluoride which are coming in three forms of: foam, gel and varnish to help with the re-mineralization of enamel.  Thus it strengthens areas of teeth that are weakened and beginning to form cavities.

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